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Consortium of Doctors Officers

Director:  Dr. Marguerite Tiggs Birt
Co-Director: Dr. Regina Henry
Secretary: Dr. Kenya Newby
Treasurer: Dr. Deborah Cole
Archivist/Historian: Dr. Clara Small
Parliamentarian:  Dr. Carolyn Baldwin Tucker



The Consortium of Doctors, Ltd. are African American women who have completed doctorate degrees from nationally accredited institutions and have made contributions beyond the realm of the ordinary to enhance the lives of humankind.

The main focus of the consortium is the plight of young African American youth and young adults who have qualified for the job market, and yet, are unemployed or underemployed. 

The consortium's annual supportive gathering inducts new members to acknowledge, appreciate, and share testimonies, presentations, and on-going successes of new inductees, and of Consortium members all over the United States.

All aspects are intended to encourage and challenge African American youth and young adults to persevere.

The Consortium of Doctors, Ltd. was founded in 1991 by Dr. Abigail Jordan who had a dream of an organization of women who would serve as role models for others and who would unite and create a strength that is unequaled by any other organization.

Read more about Dr. Jordan's Dream here.

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